What to report?

The Internet is a public space, where everyone has the opportunity to find the needed information. The information we come across can be diverse and what we find on the Internet is not always what we were actually looking for. Sometimes, while searching for something innocent we might also find disturbing information or images that represent child sexual abuse.

If it happened that you saw online or received from someone:

  • Photo or video images of one or more children (under 18) involved in real or simulated sexual activities, even if the children are presented as adults;
  • Content representing children in nude or partially undressed poses;
  • Images of the sexual organs of a child (under 18);
  • Either digitally generated or real images of a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct;
  • Animated movies or images that depict sexual activities involving children and/or that simulate real abuse;
  • Unsolicited links to websites posting the type of content described above,
Fill out the report form

Anyone concerned about the well-being of a child can anonymously report suspected child sexual abuse material using the available form above.

If you have doubts about whether the image or video represents illegal content or not, we encourage you to let us know about the suspected case of abuse by filling out the reporting form. Our specialists will evaluate whether or not the material you found is illegal and if that's the case will refer it to both the police and the hosting providers for its removal from the Internet. If a child is in immediate danger, call the emergency number 112! If you are concerned about the safety of a child in your environment and/or suspect that there has been sexual abuse, please, contact 112 or the police department.

You do not report this

The www.siguronline.md reporting service does not have the authority to act on the following types of online content:

  • Videos or photos that represent adults in sexually explicit poses;
  • Pornographic websites that use words like "teen" and "lolita" but do not feature children under 18;
  • Images or videos of children that do not appear in sexual poses;
  • Pornographic materials involving adults, which were created, distributed or uploaded on pornographic websites without their consent (”revenge porn”).

We cannot also review images, files or videos that are not publicly accessible on the Internet, are in your personal computer or cloud services, on someone else's computer or sent privately through email platforms. These materials can and should be reported directly to the police.